My name is Amanda Allphin and ever since I could walk, I've had a disposable camera in my hands. I grew up commandeering my brother's SURF Magazine and just staring in amazement at the marvelous shots, vibrant colors and stories of people's lives all over the world. That inspired my love and desire to one day travel and take photos just like in the magazine. Since that time, I've traveled to 13 countries along with numerous states within America. Not only have I been able to document unforgettable moments, but I have formed long lasting friendships along the way.

I've since branched into other avenues of photography such as: proposals, engagement, weddings, anniversaries, maternity, newborn, business head-shots, real estate (commercial and residential), AWD photo, events, family portraits and various sports such as: rock climbing, bouldering, surfing, wake boarding, volleyball, and polo. You may now check out a few of my photos inside of The Organic Heart Cookbook which is currently sold at Target and Walmart. I provide a unique photo experience to capture your quintessence as an individual. I look forward to working with you and creating lasting memories as we embark on a photo adventure together! 

On October 2015 I began a new adventure by marrying my best friend Andrew! Having gone through the stress, anxiety and joy of a wedding day, I now feel I'm even more equipped to photograph your wedding. You may even meet my husband during our shoot together... he's an extremely helpful assistant and he charges me a fair rate! We look forward to meeting and working with you! 

Amanda & Andrew